Wireless, Solar-Powered, Portable Security Camera by Vosker

Tech Report

Keeping an eye on your business or property anywhere that you need a watchful eye, has never been easier thanks to innovations in wireless mobile security cameras.

We’ve highlighted the line of highly reliable surveillance cameras from Vosker on this show before.

Well, with its unlimited power, the Vosker V150 is just too awesome to not have its very own spotlight.

Vosker security camera

This solar-powered LTE outdoor security camera is the wireless, portable security camera solution you’ve been looking for.

Equipped with built-in solar panel technology and a long-lasting 10 000 mAh battery pack, it’s ideal for remote area photo surveillance where access to electricity and WiFi networks is scarce or downright impossible.

You’ll receive instant notifications right on your phone anytime the camera is activated, ensuring you won’t miss a thing. The new V150 includes a preactivated SIM card, no extra phone carrier subscription required. Save time and money on data plan.

This motion-activated camera records 1080p HD photos, giving you a clear view whenever you need it.

But what about when the sun goes down? In a rural area, this might look pitch black to the naked eye, but the Vosker V150’s built-in Night Vision illuminates the scene for up to 80 feet.

So whether it’s day or night, you can keep surveillance in even the most remote areas.
Purchase the Vosker V150 Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Camera by heading on over to Vosker.com.