The Next-Generation of Ultra High-Definition is RayShaper

Tech Report

RayShaper is leading a revolution in computational vision by building cutting-edge camera systems for media streaming and immersive content creation.

While they have an array of top-of-the-line hardware solutions, the Beehive Camera System leads the charge on innovation.

Featuring a modular design with each hexagonal module a professional grade 4K camera, live events have never looked better. Behind the hardware is a family of sophisticated signal processing algorithms working in concert with the hardware.


By intelligently and algorithmically controlling and coordinating the operation of the individual camera models in real-time based on the application and the scene, while adjusting the spatial and temporal allocation of the resolution, you get a spatial resolution of over 1 billion pixels, 3D modeling, and panoramic ranges that are out of this world, while using a very small and configurable number of cameras. By incorporating real-time, low latency, high-quality enhancement, and de-hazing algorithms, the system is also capable of filming in all weather conditions.

The system allows professionals and even end-users to set the resolution, lens, spectrum, and other configurations to meet their specific needs.

The modular camera system is changing the way people stream concerts, sporting events, and other live content. Via strong signal processing, the system can also operate in multiple spectrum, e.g. combining visual and infrared information for environmental protection, smart agriculture and etc. The system has won multiple patents, back to back gold medals at the Geneva International Invention Salon, and a Red Dot Design Concept Best of the Best Award.

In fact, the camera has unbelievable tracking capabilities, allowing users to track specific in-camera objects, making it the perfect hardware solution for shooting sports games.

And all of this is possible at a more affordable rate than lesser camera systems currently on the market.

You can find out more information about RayShaper’s unique multi-camera Beehive System by visiting their website at