SindyXR – The Ultimate Online Collaboration Tool for Remote Working

Tech Report

We no longer live in a world where all jobs require you to show up to a physical workplace. So many of us are working remotely with online digital tools that make this possible for the first time in history.

The problem is, contemporary collaboration tools don’t truly support teams, allowing them to easily connect in a dynamic digital environment, especially when you have blended teams with some at home and others in the workplace.


SindyXR is the ultimate online collaboration tool, helping teams to be better together, whenever and wherever.

Think of it as an organizational tool with six senses. SindyXR includes a suite of virtual remote working tools that bridge the gap between those at home and those in a more traditional, in-the-workplace capacity.

Organize, log and record data and create presentations in a unique VR environment. No more static, stale tools that are little more than grids and documents.

SindyXR creates offices and meeting spaces in a virtual environment that allow the team to feel cohesive, mirroring an in-person work relationship.

This immersive space even creates the possibility for water-cooler moments. Company culture can still exist, even if the team is scattered all over the globe.

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