Look and Feel Younger with The Over 40 Alpha Workout and Nutrition Program

Consumer Update

Men over the age of 40 have uniquely different body problems than those in their 20s or 30s. That’s why workout and nutrition programs aren’t a one size fits all.

What may work for a 25-year-old won’t necessarily work for a 45-year-old. In their older age, they experience a number of changes like gaining weight, having difficulty gaining muscle, decreased sex drive, afternoon fatigue – to name just a few.

That’s why Funk Roberts created the Over 40 Alpha Workout and Nutrition program.

It was designed and tested to help men in their 40s and up shed stubborn belly fat and gain muscle faster and easier with an at-home program that covers the full gamut.

That includes bodyweight and dumbbell workouts, a full nutritional plan, recovery routines, mindset and motivation strategies, an app to track and follow along, as well as daily accountability and support from the Over 40 Alpha’s personalized support.

The workout sessions were personally designed by Funk Roberts, the creator of the program, to focus on four key elements – warm-up, meta-test workout, abs, and core shred and recover stretch.

By incorporating workout and nutrition, geared toward men in their 40s and up, the program produces results and without the need for crazy amounts of cardio or super weightlifting.

Find out more by visiting www.Over40Alpha.com.