Every Body Fitness – Workouts Specifically Designed for Those with Disabilities

Consumer Update

Not every human body moves the same. Whether they are born that way or as the result of an accident, certain disabilities prevent some people from being able to complete most full-body workouts.

Every Body Fitness is an online platform with workouts specifically designed for people with disabilities.

The company originally began as a means to cater to those with spinal cord injuries, but they’ve expanded to include workouts tailored to a full range of disabilities including those with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, a stroke, amputated limbs, arthritis, and much more.

All of the workout routines contained on Every Body Fitness can be performed either standing or sitting and can be adapted to any disability.

Clients have access to a physical therapist to assist them in completing the workout with tailored-made suggestions.

The platform includes a wide range of routines including strength training, balance, yoga, and cardio, and there are new workouts every single week. And clients can workout any time, without the challenge of going to a gym.

With no contracts and a pay-as-you-go model, Every Body Fitness is an accessible platform for anyone with disabilities in search of a workout routine to fit their exact needs.

You can get started with Every Body Fitness today by heading on over to EBFitnessonline.com.