Suppose you are a new retailer in foreign exchange (forex) trading and is currently finding a way to continually run your trading platforms for a 24/7 execution of trades. In that case, forex VPS hosting is your way to go. To help you, we have provided below everything you need to know about Forex VPS and what to consider when choosing the right services for your needs.

What is VPS hosting? 

VPS or virtual private server hosting is one type of web hosting. While shared hosting is more affordable and dedicated hosting has more disk space, VPS is a good middle ground option. You are given a portion of a server and a specific amount of resources that you alone can utilise, unlike shared hosting, where you share everything with multiple other users in the server. 

Virtualisation is used to divide the server into sections. It allows each virtual private server to function without affecting each other’s performance. This makes VPS hosting a good option for users who wants the extra disk space but still under a budget or does not need the excessive amount from a dedicated server. With VPS, you are also given the option to manage and monitor your platform.

VPS hosting services come in plans that vary in the number of resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth. The more resources you need, the higher the costs. Having these options helps users to avail these services, whether they have a lower or higher allotted budget.

While it is commonly used for hosting websites that allow them to run and remain accessible to visitors anytime and anywhere, VPS hosting can also be utilised for Forex Trading.

How does VPS hosting works in Forex Trading? 

Retail forex traders get a forex VPS to let their software’s expert advisors continuously execute trades 24/7, even after they shut their personal computers or during a power interruption and internet connection loss. VPS hosts retail traders that do not afford larger-scale trading engines while providing the same quality of performance with the same advanced facilities but at a more affordable price.

VPS can run different electronic trading platforms or software like MetaTrader4 or MT4 and MetaTrader5 or MT5, which retailers most commonly use. Its servers let MT4 expert advisors (EA) initiate non-stop and execute trades. Depending on your plan’s RAM, a Forex VPS can run multiple instances of MT4 securely and smoothly.

What are the Pros and Cons of Forex Trading VPS? 

To help you decide whether it is worth it to get into Forex trading VPS, here are its pros and cons:


100% network uptime

You can ensure at least 99.9% of uptime with VPS hosting, even up to 100%, if you sign up with a great hosting company. It means that your EAs will not stop initiating trades even during power outages or if you suddenly experience a loss of internet connection. You can sleep soundly at night that your trades do not stop.

Stable connectivity

Since your server is hosted by an advanced computer running 24 hours, you can expect stable and consistent connectivity to your networks seven days a week. Depending on the plan that you avail of, you can have services that provide a more significant RAM and storage space which helps your trading’s performance run fast and seamlessly.

Cost-efficient plans

Forex trading VPS come in several types of plans that differ in the number of resources that they provide. The higher the plan, the more costs it demands. With varying plans, it allows retail traders to avail VPS services that are affordable and, at the same time, suit their needs. In case you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can easily do so.

Better security

Since servers in VPS hosting are separated into sections through virtualisation, it secures each virtual server better and protects them from outside attacks and affected by other users’ performance. Each VPS plan comes with DDoS protection or other software for web security.

The provider handles maintenance.

Your web host will handle all maintenance activities to ensure that all hardware and software are up to date and functioning as expected — so you will have one less problem.


It is not a free service.

To avail of VPS hosting for Forex trading, you must have a sizeable budget depending on what plan you need. Remember that the higher the space you need, the higher costs it is going to be. There are sign up fees as well as renewal fees.

It can still be limited.

Since the server is not exclusive to you, resources might still be limited. In cases that you have outgrown your VPS that it affects other users and vice versa, you can always choose to upgrade to a larger plan or finally get your dedicated server.

What are the factors to consider when choosing Forex Trading VPS services and providers? 300

  • Costs

Costs vary depending on the size of your plan. Forex trading VPS companies usually offer monthly and annual plans. You can always look through multiple companies and compare which one offers the best deal.

  • Resources

Before signing up, ensure how much RAM, bandwidth, disk space, and vCPU it will need to run your trades efficiently.

  • Uptime

You want your VPS host to ensure a 100% network uptime, so your trading executions never get interrupted.

  • Datacentre’s location

You want your server to be on a datacentre located in the same area as your broker’s. This will lower the latency, which will, in turn, improve the speed of your trading performance.

  • Web security

Double-check the type of security software used to ensure that your server is safe from attacks and malware.

  • Additional features

There are hosting providers that offer free features or add-ons that you can purchase. Some offer free daily back-ups, while some provide better security software.

  • Scalability of plans

If things go well, you likely need to upgrade your VPS at any given time. Ensure you sign up with a provider that allows you to scale up or scale down your plan.

  • Provider’s credibility

Before settling on a VPS hosting company, ensure their credibility by checking previous clients’ testimonials or ratings.

  • Customer service

Lastly, and probably the most important, you want a VPS provider to accommodate your inquiries 24/7. In case you face issues in the middle of the night, the best web host provider can quickly take your call and help you resolve them.

Signing up for Forex trading VPS is a significant investment that will positively affect your performance. All you need to do is to make sure that you transact with reliable hosting providers and avail the most suitable plan for your foreign exchange trading needs.