Fauna Audio Glasses Are Revolutionizing the World of Audio Wearables

Consumer Update

New, innovative tech is one of our favorite things. We’re obsessed with showcasing the hottest new gadgets like wearables and audio devices. Today, it looks like we get to showcase an awesome new product that’s both of those things.

Fauna was founded in 2019 with the goal to revolutionize the world of audio wearables and create a natural, immersive sound experience.

They quickly proved to be masters at fitting tiny, powerful speakers into small audio devices and thus giving us the best quality of sound possible.

Fauna Audio Glasses were designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. These revolutionary audio glasses pull double duty, protecting your eyes while also providing the most vivid sound experience of your life.

Listen to your favorite music, get lost in an audiobook or podcast or make that important phone call with crystal clarity

The audio technology is beamforming, meaning, the sound travels directly to your ears without major leakage, allowing for privacy, knowing that you’re the only one who can hear it.

Fauna Audio Glasses

Now, that by itself is cool, but what makes Fauna Audio Glasses truly remarkable is that you’ll still be able to perceive your surroundings and hear what’s going on because your ear canal isn’t obstructed.

They are Bluetooth of course, allowing you to connect to your computer or mobile device. To control what you’re listening to, simply swipe on the temples of the glasses.

You can choose from four designs including sunglasses or blue light glasses for when you’re spending a lot of time in front of your computer screen.

Easily charge your glasses by placing them in the USB-C charging case. No need to plug cables directly into the glasses.

You can purchase this transcendent designer accessory by heading to WearFauna.com.