Turn Any Surface Into a Dry Erase Canvas with IdeaPaint

Consumer Update

Dry erase paint is a great modern way to take down notes on the fly or sketch out elaborate plans that everyone can see.

Studies show that approximately 65% of people are visual learners, making dry erase surfaces a great way to communicate ideas.

No need to put holes in your wall with the old fashion whiteboard that doesn’t fit your space, IdeaPaint can be applied anywhere!


This is the ultimate dry erase paint for the home office and school. Apply IdeaPaint to instantly turn any surface into a dry erase canvas.

Don’t limit creativity – turn any wall or surface into a giant canvas for ideas and planning.

Even apply it to desks or tables to change the surface into a learning space for kids.

IdeaPaint goes directly over your current wall color and creates a virtually invisible way to stay organized and productive while working from home or e-learning.

Join the thousands who have already adopted IdeaPaint.

It’s time to take sharing ideas and collaborating to the next level.

Buy yours today at IdeaPaint.com and use code ‘TV10’ to take 10% off your order.