The Solar E-Light by Green Tech Innovations Is Making Street Lighting Smarter

Tech Report

Green Tech Innovations is a startup that provides innovative green solutions especially those aimed at the often-overlooked sector of street lighting.

The company offers cutting-edge solutions that reduce carbon emissions and improves profitability for users.

Their most groundbreaking technology to date is the Solar E-Light.

The Solar E-Light is a smart street lighting system that has created a new way to make street lighting profitable. Powered by solar energy, The Solar E-Light produces enough electricity to be self-sufficient.

Green Tech Innovations

Traditionally, street lighting has been seen as a huge cost for cities. With the current environmental challenges, there needs to be a solution, such as actively changing the way we consume and produce energy.

Green Tech Innovations’ Bifacial Solar Panel is a smart solution but optimizes the energy outward by using light reflection behind the panel. In turn, this maximizes the profitability of surfaces dedicated to solar energy.

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