Litiscape Mitigates the Risk Physicians Take with Patients

Biz Report

While there are certainly legitimate cases for lawsuits brought against medical practitioners, there are innumerous cases where frivolous lawsuits have been brought against a practice causing untold damage.

Litiscape exists to mitigate the risk physicians take when seeing patients.

Founder and CEO, Michael Kamalu, had the idea for Litiscape after the third time his father was sued for malpractice on frivolous charges. It was discovered to be an individual who sued several other physicians before him.

Litiscape is a healthcare risk management company. Their innovative software allows providers to protect themselves in all manner of exploitation.

The software grants them access to important information that may provide better characterization. Also, because of the decreased risk exposure their software provides, they’re able to negotiate with premium practice insurance carriers to provide premium discounts for their clients.

Seeing the mental strain and anguish a lawsuit can cause, takes an emotional and physical toll – not to mention a financial one. And for independent physicians going through a lawsuit, every hour spent fighting one can result in thousands of dollars lost from not being able to work in their practice.

The possibilities of the software are endless. Sign up for a free trial today at