S. Light – Rotating LED Display for Roadside Emergencies

Consumer Update

Stopping on the side of the road is sometimes necessary, especially when your car is giving you trouble and pulling over is the safest option available to you.

Unfortunately, this could also prove dangerous, with cars whizzing by at high speeds.

Next time you get a flat tire or are involved in a fender bender, use the S.Light.

This highly effective emergency light improves your visibility, helping to prevent accidents.

The rotating LED display is easily the most powerful roadside warning system on the consumer market. All it takes is a quick and easy install on pretty much any vehicle type including cars, trucks, boats, and trailers.

The rotating LED light warns others at their eye level, letting them know they need to move over or in some cases stop. This keeps you seen and safe.

The S.Light beams out things like “Help” or “SOS,” or the emergency triangle. It’s all easily visible to any emergency vehicles or anyone in a position to assist, up to 200 meters or 650 ft. away and in any weather condition.

The next time you pull over on the side of the road, be safe. Be secure. Use S.Light. You can find out more about how to use and purchase the S.Light by heading over to KonoAmerica.com.