KULR – Developing, Manufacturing, and Licensing Next-Gen Carbon Fiber Thermal Management Technologies

Tech Report

Advances in electronics in recent years defy imagination. We are seeing things that are nothing short of wizardry. But for all that they are able to accomplish, electronics still have one major weakness. And that’s heat. The intense heat generated by an electronic system’s internal components can impair performance and result in system failure and a significantly shortened lifespan.

If that’s the problem, then KULR’s carbon fiber cooling technologies are the solution.

KULR develops, manufactures, and licenses next-gen carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems.

We’re talking top-of-the-line carbon fiber cooling, both high in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation properties.

Their innovative technology is used in components that help lithium battery-centric industries create more efficient battery systems that are not only safer thanks to their ability to prevent battery fires but are also helping make a cleaner and greener environment.

KULR takes a customized and holistic approach to customer needs. First, they home in on the overall vision and direction. This allows them to tailor their solutions to that unique product.

The configuration in an electric vehicle, for example, might look a lot different than that of a battery system in an interplanetary rover.

They map out battery pack requirements and safety specs to ensure they’re crafting the most efficient and safest system possible. Then it’s a matter of the build and delivery.

KULR is known for having the safest and most reliable passive propagation-resistant packaging solution for lithium batteries. In fact, their packaging solution was chosen by NASA to be used in the transport of laptop batteries to the International Space Station.

You can find out more about KULR and the application of their cutting-edge carbon fiber cooling technologies by visiting their website at KULRtechnology.com.