PaperKarma – Stopping Unsolicited Snail Mail in Its Tracks


Opening your home/postal mailbox to find it stuffed with junk mail that you’re just going to throw away is beyond annoying.

Each year over 77 billion pieces of unwanted paper mail are jammed into mailboxes, 44% of which are never even opened before they hit the trash can. But did you know you can do something about it?

Check out the PaperKarma app.


PaperKarma stops unsolicited postal snail mail dead in its tracks for good. Simply snap a picture of the mail you no longer want to receive using the in-app camera.

PaperKarma instantly identifies the offending company that mailed you the piece. It might be a clothing catalog, credit card offer, or a local dentist trying to get you to come in.

As soon as PaperKarma recognizes it and you confirm, you simply attach the name & address you want to opt-out of future mail and they’ll automatically get to work unsubscribing you from the mailing list.

As the largest Do Not Mail registry in the U.S., PaperKarma can help stop 90% of all physical junk mail you receive. All you have to do is snap a picture.

They can even stop junk mail intended for a previous tenant. Add unlimited name and address combinations so you can stop any mail you receive at any address in any name.

Download PaperKarma in the App Store today.