Nature’s Juicebar – The All-Natural, Fruit-Based Snack on the Market

Consumer Update

How healthy you are is largely dependent on how healthy you eat. From meals to snacks, it’s important to eat real food and that’s just what you’ll get with Nature’s Juice Bar.

This one-of-a-kind juice bar is the first and only all-natural wafer-lined fruit-based snack on the market. The ingredient that makes it all work is the wafer.

This proprietary ingredient helps the real fruit stay fresh by sealing in natural moisture and flavor. This means they’re absolutely never dependent on nasty preservatives you find in other snack bars.

Nature's Juicebar

You get the natural freshness of fruit without any of the bad ingredients that usually come along for the ride. They have two bars currently available. Nature’s Breakfast Juice Bar comes in a multi-flavor pack with tasty goodness and long-lasting shelf life. The healthy breakfast bars are great for traveling and when you need a no-mess snack on the go.

The Emergency Ration Fruit Bar is equally packed with an amazing shelf life of 32 months, flavor, and ideal for survival storage and disaster preparedness. Throw it in your bag when you head off on a long hike or keep it in your go-bag for that unexpected emergency.

Works where fruit fails, always fresh, always ready and always healthy – Nature’s Juice bar is the perfect snack bar for any situation.

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