Ace the Text – Personalizing the eLearning Experience for Learners, Educators, and Families


Education has been greatly impacted over the last year causing educators to change the way they teach, and students the way they learn – leaving many asking… is there a better way to preserve the integrity and quality of education?

Recently we discovered that solution, and it’s called Ace the Text.

Ace the Text is a completely streamlined educational platform that personalizes the entire eLearning experience for learners, educators, and families while focusing on supporting the entire student.

It was developed using the most advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies, utilizing the GPT-3 Processor, the same super-computer used by the likes of Elon Musk, to create the unique Balance Point Average, BPA, algorithm.

Ace the Text

This patent-pending algorithm has played an integral part in developing the ultimate Life/Learn balance. This takes into account not only in-class grades and education metrics like GPA but also mental health, well-being, and physical health. It starts with the APP.

The Ace the Text APP streamlines the eLearning experience by allowing for live classroom and video sessions, instant curriculum initiations, and real-time data tracking of all metrics and scoring. Another great feature is the calendar suite for scheduling as well as a social feed to connect users, and gaming elements to keep learners engaged.

Combined, Ace the Text provides everything students and educators need to fully engage in online learning, in an on-demand educational format. Educators can create, edit, upload, store and share educational content directly through the platform at any time from anywhere.

With access to individual learner profiles, they’ll gain greater insight into individual learners for a more complete view in order to personalize lessons. And with its open platform design and content marketplace, educators can share best lessons and practices aimed at delivering a unique educational experience for every individual.

Ace the Text is on a mission to improve the teaching and learning processes using advanced AI and Machine Learning, in turn making it more accessible and personal to create a true Life/Learn balance.

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