Moonshot Jr – Providing Children Real-Life Skills with Life-Long Value


Online education has skyrocketed in the past year for obvious reasons. With many options available, it’s hard to choose a future-centric program for your child.

We recently came across Moonshot Jr, a Silicon Valley startup that is disrupting education, providing children outcome-focused, real-life skills with life-long value.

Moonshot Jr

The Moonshot Jr Program is designed to prepare students for the future of work & college admission through holistic learning that includes technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills.

In their 4 stage program, students start exploring multiple streams like robotics, AI, game & app development and discover their area of interest.

Then they learn Product Innovation and eCommerce using Moonshot Jr’s learning kits which are included in the program.

The goal is to guide students from conceptualization to productization and eventually, product commercialization.

With students in over 14 countries, Moonshot Jr is preparing our children for the future like no other online learning program.

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