Nintendo Switch OLED

 By: Nick Gambino

In May, we reported on the Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen dropping this fall and now we have an official release date. Many were expecting a 4K Switch Pro but instead will have to settle for this updated version of the Switch which hits shelves and internet stores on October 8.

With more vivid colors and blacker blacks, the screen will offer the most immersive gameplay yet. The screen also sees an upgrade in the size department with this one clocking in at 7 inches compared to the 6.2 inches of its predecessor.

For those looking for higher resolution, that’s still limited at 720p when you’re playing handheld and only 1080p when you’re docked and playing on a TV. While that’s not great, especially compared to other consoles, you have to consider the Switch is primarily a handheld device.

Storage finally sees an increase to 64GB which is doubled. In terms of downloading lots of games that still won’t cut it, so you’ll have to rely on an external SD card if you’re a multiple title player.

Other improvements that Switch diehards will enjoy are the larger adjustable kickstand that now runs the width of the whole device and improved audio by way of new built-in speakers. The speakers are still located at the bottom of the Switch but something about it will be enhanced. Nintendo is a bit vague on what enhances the audio but something in the hardware or software will give users a better sound experience.

Outside of the device itself, the dock is getting a boost with a LAN port for wired-in internet. This is a big deal because it means gamers won’t have to rely on spotty WIFI when they’re playing. Switch attracts its fair share of serious gamers, and serious gamers play with hard-lined internet.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED will fetch a cool $350 when it hits shelves on October 8. There may be delays due to limited availability thanks to the pandemic taking a hammer to semiconductor supply. You can pre-order now and hopefully, you’ll be one of the first to get it.