Grill or Cook Your Favorite Recipe with Bricknic

Consumer Update

Summer is here, so it’s time to look for some fun in the sun and maybe some delicious food. Why not have a Bricknic?

No not a picnic, a Bricknic. Cooking bricks are these unique hollow bricks made of clay with two parts that allow you to fill it with food, close it and place it right on the fire.

Bricknic It’s simple. Chop up your ingredients and place them inside the brick.

Then place it in an oven, a fireplace, or right on your grill. The natural clay design helps preserve moisture while cooking for the most delicious meal.

There are endless recipes and food options. If you weren’t able to cook your favorite recipes on the fire or oven before, now you can with your very own cooking brick! But why cook for one when you can have a Bricknic?

Get your friends and family together where everyone gets their own cooking brick. Thanks to the modular design it’s easy to stack them all together on the fire.

Once they’re done cooking, retrieve your brick and start eating. It’s a unique way to put a spin on summer BBQ gatherings. At its heart, Bricknic is all about community.

Gather your friends and purchase your Cooking Bricks today by visiting