Text2MD – Telehealth Consultations and Services for Numerous Conditions

Health Tech

Studies have shown that the average wait time to see a doctor is anywhere from 2 to 175 days. That’s an unbelievable 6 months.

Can you imagine waiting that long just to see a doctor? Improving healthcare access includes providing easier ways for people to get help.

Unfortunately, the current healthcare model in the U.S. is fragmented and frustrating on both sides of the doctor/patient relationship.

Telemedicine helps streamline communication and reform the way we interact. TEXT2MD believes in improving healthcare access and expediting medical care.

The company allows users to conduct telemedicine consultations for numerous conditions including minor urgent care issues, medication refills, primary care services, functional medicine services, lab orders, imaging orders, COVID-19 treatment and prevention and so much more.

Their newest service, COVID Long Haul treatment, is a result of extensive research and treatment by the physicians at TEXT2MD. This service is provided through the I-Recover Management Protocol from the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance or FLCCC. They are using a HiPPA secured app called Medici to conduct telemedicine calls with their very own TEXT2MD app coming soon.

They offer one month of unlimited follow-ups to all patients for any type of consult. This model drastically reduces the need for in-person follow-ups, unnecessary in-person visits, wait times, and of course all related costs.

It also means more timely responses to medical questions. Patients can talk to the same doctor each time, allowing them to form a bond and relationship instead of the dreaded one-and-done assembly-line approach.

All physicians are board-certified, and the app is completely secure, making sure your privacy is a priority. And it’s all available at affordable pricing.

Find out more about TEXT2MD and this revolutionary model for easier healthcare access by visiting their website at Text2MD.com today.