Urban Stalk – Creating a Community with Access to Healthy, Sustainable Foods

Tech Report

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate with new innovations breaking through every day. This is especially true in the world of hydroponics.

Urban Stalk’s vision is to develop a world where every community has equal access to healthy, sustainable foods and increased overall nutritional health. And what’s more, they can do this using natural resources to reduce waste, and even convert organic waste from landfills into nutrients for new crop production.

This means a significant reduction in environmental footprints throughout the supply chain and eliminating the need for herbicides, pesticides, or any other chemical intervention.  Urban Stalk does this using their FOESUS Pod Systems.

These systems have the technical capability to optimally control every growth metric for a wide variety of plants while also self-learning the bounds to growth metrics for the best yield, taste, and texture.

The innovative hydroponic system automatically begins the growth process and takes it from the seeding stage through to harvesting and packaging.

With unfettered support from retail grocers, food banks, restaurants, and other industries, Urban Stalk is growing produce at competitive prices, locally, and year-round.

Their technology helps end food insecurities, decrease environmental impacts, and improve quality of life at a local level.

Learn more about Urban Stalk by visiting them at UrbanStalk.ca/social-vision.