By: Nick Gambino

One of the most popular features in the Apple Watch (at least to some who don’t carry their phones everywhere) is the walkie-talkie function, and now Samsung is looking to keep up with the addition of their very own Walkie-Talkie app to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

The app allows users to simply push to talk in order to start up a convo on the fly. In contrast with Apple, the Galaxy Watch feature allows more than just two people to talk. You can create a channel for “two or more users” to engage in.

Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with people who have the Galaxy Watch 4 and Classic, so if you’re sporting an earlier model or another watch operating off of WearOS, you won’t be invited into the cool walkie-talkie club. I can’t imagine they’re not going to somehow release a version of the app that allows cross-generational watch support.

If you are one of those lucky few who know enough people who rock the same Watch as you to make this app worth it, you can download the app in the Google Play Store now. They recommend keeping your phone connected to your watch the first time you use the app, but it’s not required. To start using the instant conversation starter, you’re going to have to pair it with another person’s watch. Again, it has to be one of the two newest generations in order to work.

Once done, simply tap and hold the mic button to talk. Let go when you’re done. We recommend ending every sentence with a serious, no-smile “over” and acknowledging the receipt of any communication with a stern “10-4.” And, of course, end every transmission with “over and out” if you really want to be taken seriously.

Now, the thing about walkie-talkies is you’re always reachable which can be a little annoying – scratch that, a lot annoying. Luckily, they’ve added the ability to turn the two-way comm feature off whenever you don’t want anyone inserting themselves right into your day.

Smartwatches continue to be niche devices used by a select number of people and the Walkie-Talkie app will be even more niche among that crowd.