ArtWalk – Turning Each Stroll Into A Wallpaper

Getting active, whether running, hiking, working out, or playing a sport is vital for living a healthy lifestyle. When done right, it transcends beyond mere physical activity into the realm of art. In that vein, you can now create bespoke digital art which reflects your chosen activity within the new ArtWalk app.

ArtWalk is a location-based, generative art app that uses your data from a walk, run, hike, cycle, sporting activity, and any other physical movement-based event to create a unique piece of art, bespoke to you the user. After you complete your activity, ArtWalk employs its own algorithms to combine your activity data with a unique art style to create a one-of-a-kind, high-res, high-fidelity, and printable piece of art. You can do whatever you like with your art. Make it the wallpaper on your phone or computer. Share it on social media. Or print it and hang it on your wall. It’s yours, after all.

There’s literally no other app doing it like this. The quality and speed of the rendered artwork, as well as the array of styles to choose from, puts ArtWalk in a class of its own. For those who already use the Strava platform, ArtWalk can pull your latest activities to render your new, unique artwork instantly. The app is extremely easy to use with an easy on the eye user interface. As soon as you’re ready to begin, simply hit record, and Artwalk will handle the rest, creating art in an instant. You now have a visible recording that symbolizes your hard work to stay active. The app is regularly updated with new art packs to keep it fresh, so you’ll always have new styles to choose from.

Turn your activity into singular art that is uniquely you. You can download the ArtWalk app from Google Play or App Store and get started today.