Care Validate – Ensuring the Well-Being of Everyone Around

The last year and a half struggle with this pandemic have tested us like never before, but only through the strength of unity and working together will we get through it. The Care360 vaccine tracking app was designed to help keep the workplace safe by enabling employers to collect, store and validate vaccination records from their employees in a safe and secure manner. It’s scalable for virtually any company size.

The efficacy of the app is due to its design, based on the science of viral load dynamics and infectiousness. It’s been proven to mitigate viral load in the workplace by reducing the time between infection, sample collection, test results, and exposure notifications. By streamlining and speeding up the time between vital actions, you successfully combat the spread of the virus, thus protecting employees and customers.

Employers can also use the app’s vaccine exemption request determination service to maintain neutrality when dealing with the dicey issue of vaccine exemption requests from employees based on medical and religious grounds. You can download and start using the Care360 app by visiting the Google Play or App Store or heading over to