JJ Babbit – Masterfully Crafted Mouthpieces

Fine craftsmanship is an art more than a science and nowhere is this more on display than in music. And more specifically in the crafting of musical instruments and mouthpieces. The JJ Babbitt Company has been forging the industry’s finest mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones for over 100 years and is the go-to for the world’s best musicians.

JJ Babbitt is the choice of jazz greats in no small part due to the hand-craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes their mouthpieces a cut above the rest. Musicians will recognize many of the brands under the JJ Babbitt umbrella. Their mouthpiece lines include the famous Meyer and Meyer Brothers, hard rubber mouthpieces, Otto Link hard rubber, and 24K gold-plated metal mouthpieces. And of course, JJ Babbitt’s Premiere by Hite, J and D Hite, Wolfe Tayne, Guy Hawkins, and Portnoy brand sculpted from rubber, metal, and resin-based materials.

These brands are famous the world over because they are reliable and deliver every time, allowing you to create beautiful music with clarity and certainty. Great-sounding music begins with a great mouthpiece and a great mouthpiece starts with JJ Babbitt.

To learn more about why JJ Babbitt is the best mouthpiece maker in the industry, explore www.jjbabbitt.com.