Go Disco – Never Miss Out on Another Adventure Again!

A big part of curating your free time with fun and unforgettable experiences is knowing exactly what’s going on in your city. Knowing the coolest spots is easy with the Go Disco app. This new event discovery platform allows you to choose your unique interests and receive a curated feed of the best events going on in your area.

Looking for little-known underground parties? Done. How about the craziest outdoor ventures? Sure. And with the personalized curation that reflects your unique interests, the app becomes the ultimate tastemaker, accessible with a mere tap of your finger. And because the human experience is important to Go Disco, they never sell their user’s data. They’ve even forgone ads, all for the best user experience.

“One of my co-founders, Sean Conrad, and I started this. We felt that over the last 10 years or so, we spent less time with each other and with our other friends and with our family, and more time buried in our screens. And we thought, wow, me as a data scientist and my co-founder Sean, as an engineer, we could actually build something really powerful that cut the noise of things out there to do and amplified the signal of friends available to do them with. Go Disco is a unique platform that allows you to input the things that you love to do, whether it’s hiking, biking, running, yoga, coffee, and then it curates a feed and a map of things for you to go do based on your interests, cutting all of that noise.”

Find your next event by downloading Go Disco in the Google Play or App Store today.