Motogolf – The Largest E-trolley Retailer for Good Reason!

Part of the wonderful game of golf is the walk along the 18 hole journey. It’s not only about tradition and the way the game should be played, but the invigorating stroll helps players live a healthy lifestyle. That’s the driving force behind They are the largest online retailer of electric golf trolleys for over 15 years. They carry the most popular brands like MGI, Bat-Caddy, Stewart, Motocaddy, CaddyTrek, Alpha Golf, and PowaKaddy.

The MGI quad-navigator cart is a popular selection with a built-in, straight tracking gyroscope. Why throw out your back while you’re strolling on the course when you can let this electric caddy do the heavy lifting? Compact four-wheel engineering with front swivel wheels helps it navigate between holes with ease, while the downhill speed control helps out even on the steepest terrain. The simple two-step fold design makes for easy storage and transport. The CaddyTrek R2 Follow is equally impressive.

Like the MGI quad, the CaddyTrek R2 Follow also has straight-line technology and carries your clubs so you don’t have to. But, here you can allow the car to trek behind you so you can walk hands-free down the fairway, just like the tour pros. When CaddyTrek R2 is in remote mode, you can allow the car to trek to the next tee up to 100 feet in front of you. That way, it’s waiting there by the time you arrive without losing sight of it.

Another follow cart, the Stewart Q Follow remote golf caddy is the newest and one of the most compact follow carts on the market. Designed and hand-built in the UK, the Q Follow was launched in March with rave reviews. It’s simply one of the finest remote-controlled caddies out there. The Q Follow includes three modes of operation.

The first is the follow mode which, as you would expect, means the caddy will follow you. The second is the remote mode which allows you to gain more control of the caddy with options to move it forward, left, right, and even reverse. And finally, the manual mode for when you want to use it as a traditional caddy. The compact foldable design makes it easy for one-handed carry and storage in your car or home. is here to help you focus on the game and not the arduous strain of hauling all your gear. Check out the vast inventory of great products from Motogolf at