Refilling Your Well – Take A Breather, You Deserve It

When was the last time you took the time to focus on you? Time spent reconnecting with your true self and confronting those negative feelings that creep in when you’re not paying attention.

The Refilling Your Well app is a simple but powerful tool to help you take time out for time in, true self-care and compassion. Created by a certified life coach, Refilling Your Well was designed to help users overcome their daily struggles and identify the resources within themselves to meet the challenges of simply living peacefully and well.

The app walks you through a few easy steps to help you slow down your reactions to events in life that are triggering and cause negative feelings. By noticing what you are feeling, you can then connect with the unmet universal needs that the situation is calling for. Upon opening the app, you’ll be greeted with mindfulness tools to be allowed a moment to vent, and then identify the feelings and needs surrounding your internal or external conflict. This will allow you to regain the ability to notice deep insecurities and anxieties currently impacting your life.

Isn’t it about time to focus on you again? To find out more about Refilling Your Wealth, go to