PortalOne.Inc – The Gaming World, Reimagined

PortalOne makes the world’s first hybrid game a whole new category of entertainment on your phone that combines casual games with live shows, embedded directly inside the games. The entire mobile gaming industry is buzzing about the PortalOne arcade, a universe featuring classic and new arcade-style games that are fun and easy to learn.

Now the look and feel of it reminds you of the Ready Player One movie, which might be because of PortalOne partnership with Atari. PortalOne is taking Atari games like Centipede and supersizing them. The immersive elements will make you feel like you’re actually there. And you’re not just playing a game on your phone, isolated from everyone. There are daily twenty-four-hour tournaments and three times a week there’s a show inside the app with real guests that you compete against in a live round to win real money.

And you don’t have to be a gamer to win from $10-$5,000!You can win by skill or just by being lucky, but you can’t get it in the app stores yet. Just go to www.PortalOne.com and click on the North American button. To get early access to the app.