Save The Earth – A Game With A Purpose

With the planet on the brink of ecological collapse, can you make the right decisions to save it? That’s exactly, what’s at stake in the new iOS and Android game, eco and corporate save the earth. Developed by a small team of independent developers out of Russia who specializes in making socially meaningful and educational apps, save the earth is all based on strategy. You’ll play as the head of a global organization, it’s set on saving and protecting the environment.

It’s up to you to make the right strategic decisions, to get things back on track. The game allows you to select from a variety of ecological scenarios, with names like Climate Strike and Seaspiracy, to study regional stats that indicate where resources are needed and send emergency volunteers to make things right, kick off eco-friendly projects and monitor how they are performing. These initiatives might revolve around supporting animal populations and creating reserves or restoring and supporting ocean resources and their inhabitants, implement hundreds of these eco projects to create meaningful global impact.

It’s up to you to restore and stabilize the earth’s ecology, download and start playing the Save the Earth game today by heading to the Google Play or the app store.