Baketivity – The Kid-Friendly Way To Baking

It’s a known fact that kids love to bake. Not only do they get a sense of accomplishment when they create their own cake or cookies, but they also get to shovel deliciousness into their mouths at the end. The best way to make baking a regular thing with your kids is to get a Baketivity subscription. Every month they’ll get a kit with pre-measured, dry ingredients and easy-to-follow, kid-friendly instructions that help them learn about cooking and baking. It also includes a grocery list for any additional items that might be needed. Recipes differ from box to box.

One month you might be making caramel snickerdoodles, while the next month you might be whipping up cake pops, and then the next, yummy, soft pretzels. Each kit includes live baking classes with a free hat and apron to help the little ones really get into the role of the baker. Here’s an example of something you might see from Baketivity. There’s a gingerbread house kit that provides all the ingredients that they’ll need to build their edible little house. The instructions will guide them through the process with a little help from mom or dad. In the end, they’ll have a beautiful gingerbread house they can choose to display, or if the mood hits them, devour. It’s a great way to lure the kids away from screens for a while. You see, it’s so much more than a baking kit.

Baketivity is a wonderful way to bond with your children and help them build skills in an informal and fun way. The website also has the option for you to buy one-time kits like the Halloween emoji cookies kit, the s’mores pie kit, or the kid’s birthday party DIY kit. Each kit even includes a science lesson, easy, fun, and mess-free with delicious results.

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