Prim6 – The Future Of Data Analysis

Manual data analysis is often an arduous process, which fails to yield the best extrapolations or results for large investments and asset management companies where there’s a lot at stake, manual analysis, just won’t cut it.

Time to step into the future with Prim6. Prim6 is a big data intelligence company, offering innovative commercial real estate and private equity asset management software as a service, their proprietary workflow platform utilizes specialized machine learning, which will allow companies to utilize predictive analysis for forecasting.

This will instantaneously synchronize their client’s uploaded Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and a multitude of other documents. This opens up multiple avenues too. One, it saves time by replacing arduous task loads often shouldered by those who have been forced to take a manual approach, this, in turn, saves money and allows for additional revenue streams, but just as important.

It allows for deeper insight into data, not data for the sake of data, but the kind that makes sense and is actionable, nothing worse than receiving data reports with pages and pages of fill out. Imagine a deeper dive into property data making for a more manageable pre-underwriting step. Prim6 is determined to remove human error and replace it with robust machine learning on vital data analysis.

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