Factoreal – Business Tools For Real Growth

Growing a business is far from easy. It takes carefully forging a path forward based on engagement with customers. But that’s easier said than done, right? Well, that’s what Factoreal is here for that. Factoreal helps businesses start small and grow big, providing the right tools and guidance every step of the way.

This all-in-one digital marketing automation platform, empowers commerce business owners to build lifelong engagement with their customers, using invaluable tools like email, marketing, automation, social media, marketing, customer journey automation, and more. Now, all of this is combined in a single, simplified platform.

We know you have a lot to think about while you grow your business. Complicated marketing shouldn’t be one of them. Factoreal also features a robust customer data platform, or CDP, that provides a 360-degree view of each customer engagement with your brand.

Data-driven marketing is the only way to be truly successful. Finding an all-in-one customer engagement platform that can be scaled to any size can automate. Virtually any marketing tactic is difficult. In fact, the real power of first-party consumer analytics and data delivers on this promise. The platform is built for ease of implementation, which is why they’ve designed it to work with numerous serums and other software for cross-channel workflows.

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