Hey Karen – A Better Kitty Litter

Our cats are part of our family, but no matter how much we love them. Dealing with cat litter can be taxing. Well, not if we do it right. Check out Hey Karen, a revolutionary new approach to cat litter.

It’s about the change the game. Now they’re unique, clumping litter is made from bentonite clay, mixed with minerals and only a light touch of scent. The special pellet formula allows Hey Karen to destroy odor, unlike other cat litters on the market.

This means 100% odor elimination in less than ten seconds, making it feasible to place the litter box anywhere in your house without worrying about smelling up the place. Most other litter brands rely on heavy scents to cover up foul odors, but no matter how much you dump in there, those smells are always going to cut through.

Hey, Karen eliminates all odors and doesn’t call attention to itself with strong-smelling fragrances. 99.9% Dust-free and non-trackable. That is a cat litter that really works.

Add in the low cost of the superior brand of cat litter, and you can see why this is the next big thing for cat families. Purchase health care and cat litter today by visiting Hey-Karen.com