FirstMate – Put Your Pets Health First

FirstMate believes the best nutrition is simple, the company manufactures their own products to ensure quality results, allowing for complete control of the process and the ingredients that go into the pet food. FirstMate is dedicated to putting the health of our pets first and foremost and has been so for over 30 years.

FirstMate Pet Foods is a family-owned manufacturer of quality, dry and canned dog and cat food. Since 1995, their limited ingredient in approach to pet food helps improve digestion and reduce the likelihood of food allergies and stomach sensitivities.

In addition to simple quality, ingredients first utilize an innovative vacuum infusion process that helps produce a quality skin encode for your pet. The vacuum infusion system, or vice, allows the addition of fats and essential oils to be infused into the product rather than just coat it on top as the killer passes through the system into a special vessel, the vacuum removes all air from the vessel and the pellets.

The fats and essential oils are then infused into the kibble. Air is returned and each kibble is enriched with quality nutrients by having complete control over the process, from quality ingredients to an innovative system first made ensures that your pet while the best and healthiest food in the marketplace at the end of the day, it’s your pet that wins.

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