Inventus – Power Your Devices When It Matters Most

Inventus Power is a global leader in advanced battery systems, with over 60 years of experience designing safe and reliable batteries for commercial, industrial, medical and military markets. They’re the inventor and current producer of wearable power for the US military.

And it’s that expertise that led to their newest offering. Inventus Power is introducing a line of Wolf Pack portable chargers designed in the US and manufactured in North America. The Wolf Pack 8:10 F.R is a high-capacity power bank that blows away anything else on the market.

At the perfect cross-section of safety and durability of the Wolf Pack 8:10 F.R was designed to military standards and strong enough to withstand just about anything. What other portable chargers encounter harsh weather impact or water? They stopped working and may even combust Inventus Power offers a much safer alternative to these less rugged products validated through rigorous testing

The Wolf Pack 8:10 F.R will remain safe after being dropped from 7 feet submerged in up to 10 feet of water or run over by a vehicle. The pack even survived a ballistic test. The Wolf Pack 8:10 F.R keeps your devices charged when it matters most.

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