DIVE App – Better Dating with Gaming

Keep getting ghosted on Tinder? Then stop sending those cheesy pickup lines and break the ice with games! Who doesn’t love a good game?

DIVE is a trendy new dating app that offers fun icebreaker games like role-playing games. How do you ask? Well, You and your match take turns unlocking the story twists and surprise endings. For example, they’re a mermaid in the game and you’re a human millionaire. They choose if they want to eat you or marry you. say They choose to marry you. Maybe, in the end, you turn out to be my long-lost brother that humans kidnapped long ago. Weird right?

Exactly. Now you can have an interesting discussion after the game, so you never get ghosted! Download the DIVE app now on the app store for free. And have a fun conversation on DIVE “Dating with Gaming”.