Safekeep – The Next Big Thing in Insurance Fraud Protection

When an insurance claim is filed, money can be recovered from at-fault parties through a process called subrogation. Safekeep is an AI platform that improves the claims process and customer experience by automating recovery efforts. When an insurance claim is filed for an injury or accident, or an auto, property, or workers’ comp, policy claims administrators need to make important decisions while looking for at-fault parties, net recoveries, and suspicious behavior, Fraudsters.

They manually sift through massive amounts of information in documents and in their computer systems to evaluate hundreds of factors that affect the claim, such as what happened, where it happened, and type of insurance. It’s a lot of work. Safekeep changes all of that with AI. It pulls in the relevant facts of each claim, helps humans make decisions so they can spend more time giving customers the attention that they deserve throughout the entire process, while Safekeep does the rest to expedite the process to ensure claims are paid quickly and money is recovered from at-fault parties.

It’s a win-win for everyone because it keeps everyone in the know and resolves claims quickly. That gets customers back up and running, and makes everyone happy. Learn more about AI and insurance at