Masta Plasta – Don’t Throw That Torn Jacket Out Just Yet

Couches and other leather items, like jackets and bags, can cost a pretty penny. So, when you end up with a tear, it’s really heartbreaking. What do you do? Well, don’t worry about having to dish out cash for a whole new couch or jacket. Simply use MastaPlasta. Now, this revolutionary repair solution offers the most simple and cost-effective way to save your favorite items and extend its life indefinitely. Simply stick this self-adhesive leather patch over any unsightly spot to return it to its aesthetic glory. Think of MastaPlasta like a bandaid to fix holes, burns, ink stains, and rips. It works on a ton of upholstery, including leather, suede, and vinyl, and it even sticks fast to wood and metal.

Its super-strong bond is instant. Choose a color to blend in or not and make a feature of it. They come in a variety of colors and sizes for all of your repair needs. Its low-profile design helps to disappear while the special backing helps cushion the patch against the hidden damage. So, instead of throwing out your couch, car seat, jacket, or bag, adding to the scourge of landfills, why not use this instant and cost-effective repair solution?

Purchase your MastaPlasta patch today on the MastaPlasta store on Amazon.