The traditional credit scoring system has been criticized for being antiquated and riddled with bias. As a result, there’s a population underserved by credit bureaus, which can impact their access to housing. There’s a new startup looking to change all of that. Neighborly is a platform that focuses on tenant screening and risk analysis and is looking to create a system driven by not only innovation, but inclusiveness, access, and equity.

Their unique process verifies ID, employment, and income, and assesses risk using a current cash flow analysis, which is proven to be a better predictor of risk. Traditional credit scores only use a specific consumption history that can work against young people, students, immigrants, POC, and international professionals.

By embracing a more nuanced system that favors the person’s actual record of housing payments, we’ve suddenly opened access to housing to so many more. Neighborly is the only platform that allows renters to use their on-time rent payments to improve and build their credit rating. By creating a balanced system that cares for the landlord and the tenants, we have a fair system that works for all.

You can find out more about this innovative new platform by visiting today.