Expecting.ai has created a free online surrogate database complete with an advanced search function and hundreds of available surrogates. Having just raised $1,000,000 in funding, they are ready to simplify the process and connect intended parents with surrogate candidates. For those women looking to become surrogates and intended parents ready to start their journey, it’s now more possible than ever with expecting.ai!

“There are more and more couples and individuals turning to surrogacy to fulfill their dream of a family. But finding one is becoming harder and harder due to COVID. Probably the most significant effect is the time it takes to find available surrogates and many parents have to wait months just to take their first step in this long, complex and emotional journey.” Says Ronny Schwartz-Dgani, Co-founder and CMO of Expecting. Expecting offers a new digital way to quickly find available surrogates, egg donors, and fertility providers. They also help agencies to recruit potential surrogates!

By digitally connecting intended parents from around the world with US fertility clinics and agencies, Expecting can save intended parents a lot of money and time, and help with the start of their journey in a much faster way than traditional methods.

No more searching and navigating through countless agencies. No more waiting in line for months or even over a year for available surrogates. Now all the options are online and easily accessible.

Find out more by heading on over to expecting.ai today.