Information is vital in the health industry. Doctors need to see the full picture in order to make a proper diagnosis. Now in an increasingly paperless world, electronic medical records, or EMRs, are an important factor in making sure that patients get the best care possible. The iFiiT app aggregates medical data to allow record portability and management, while also providing patients the ability to share their health data with providers and family members.

The easy-to-use search function allows both the patient and their doctor to quickly search for specific medical information in their patient’s EMR. The iFiiT app also includes risk assessment capabilities for different diseases. Now, if you should take a certain wellness action to prevent or address a potential illness, you’ll receive a notification. This patient-centric app includes a database of over 250,000 doctors and more than 10,000 provider facilities, allowing you to search and find your provider. Now, once you find them, authorize the app to collect your data, then repeat that process with all of your providers until you have all of your medical records in one easy-to-access spot.

Take control of your medical records by downloading the iFiiT app in the Google Play or App Store today.