The key to making better financial decisions that will lead you to success is knowledge and education. Finance can be an overwhelming subject, especially when you’re starting with little to no foundation. Luckily, gaining financial literacy is incredibly simple with the MNYMSTRS app, that’s M-N-Y-M-S-T-R-S.

In the US, research shows that about one-third of the population is financially illiterate or uneducated. If we all agree that money plays such a big role in our lives, how come we’re not learning about this at school? With all the information online, how do you know what’s trustworthy and what’s not? What makes MNYMSTRS unique? It’s actually a combination of several things. We deconstructed financing to bite-size pieces of information to make it easy to understand. Then, we put it together into a guided path that takes you from where to start and where to go next.

And lastly, we gamify the entire learning experience and also create a risk-free investing competition, so that our users can have some real-life investment experience, but also compete against users for real-life rewards, like gift cards. That way people can learn, play, and more.

Learn how to gain financial freedom by understanding the principles of finance. Get started for free with MNYMSTRS, by going to, that’s, or heading to the Google Play or App Store today.