Managing employees’ schedules, especially as businesses start growing rapidly, can be an absolute nightmare. Not only does it result in wasted time, but it cuts directly into profitability. The easiest solution is to implement a tool to easily keep track and schedule everything without the hassle.

That’s exactly what you get with Voila. Voila is a smart time and attendance management and employee scheduling platform built for companies with a growing workforce and ever-changing schedules. Now in addition to saving time, it also helps to increase profitability through workforce optimization, while ensuring employee engagement. The smart scheduling features allow for automated employee invitations and easy replacement management.

Now if a manager has to fill a shift at the last minute, Voila will automatically find the best employee to fill in, all while following your most complex business rules. Voila’s time and attendance feature let employees easily clock in and out right through their phones or using fixed terminals, offering precision and increased control over who’s where and when. With leave management, Voila allows you to ditch the paperwork and centralize and prioritize employee requests for time off, while automatically replacing them on their impacted work shifts. Reassign shifts, lock in schedules and update payroll with ease. Say goodbye to your employee scheduling fiascos with Voila.

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