Non-profits rely heavily on volunteers, and while 90% of people want to volunteer, only one in four actually do ’cause life just gets in the way. It takes time and effort to find a cause, available opportunities, and how to sign up. Companies have encouraged volunteerism through paid time off in-service days, but employees are left to do the research, or the company spends days planning an event that doesn’t fit with an individual’s interests.

Well, Swoovy makes it easy for companies to empower employees to easily find volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to them, connect with colleagues through shared interests, and track impact along the way. Bringing community to the forefront at a time where culture has been hit hard, individuals are less engaged with their company, and the connection is needed more than ever.

Swoovy modernizes corporate community engagement, actively engaging employees to do good without all the hassle. The results speak for themselves. 82% of employees who volunteered through an employee volunteer program felt more committed to their company. Volunteering has been proven to maximize employee productivity and morale, and prospective employees seek out companies who care. Finally, corporate impact and individual interests can align for good.

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