A healthy pet is a happy pet, and grooming, well, that’s an absolute key to keeping your pet happy, unless the tools that you’re using cause pain. Ouch! Why? Well, tools with fixed teeth tend to cause pet hair to cling to the comb and pull on the pet’s skin, which, as you know is incredibly uncomfortable for your pup.

Well, want a cool new solution? Untangler rotating pet combs is the answer. Untangler invented the rotating comb. I’m not joking there. Each pin rotates a full 360 degrees, and moves and glides, with significantly reduces the pulling force on pets’ skin. Wow! Look, it works. Tumbled smooth tips also prevent skin irritation. Heads absolutely love the rubbing rotating teeth and beg for more. I mean, look, he’s smiling. Now, the solid stainless steel teeth also are fantastic and will never tarnish.

The comb can be safely disinfected before the next use too. And Untangler is 100% made in the United States. One of Untangler’s coolest tools is the mini rake. Now I just love this one, right? The V-shape helps groom the hard-to-reach areas. Now, the Untangler products have a whole collection of tools, each one with the same innovative rotating tooth design. It’s great for large or small breed dogs and for kittens and cats. Now go find the one that works for your pet.

Go to Amazon or untanglerproducts.com and buy yours today. We love it here. It’s fantastic.