A few years ago, when gambling was first introduced as a direction in affiliate marketing traffic, it was paid little attention to. Today, however, thanks to the development of new approaches to converting, gambling has broken the affiliate marketing industry, having surpassed most other verticals. Moreover, thanks to their high profitability, gambling affiliate programs have evolved into some art. And indeed, making money on somebody else’s pleasure without providing those services yourself requires skills.

Gambling in affiliate marketing is the paid promotion of virtual casino services. These are casinos of various specifications, with some concentrated on slots only, others offering sports bets, etc. Furthermore, the gambling affiliate marketing hits its highest scores, particularly during sports betting seasons, and the gambling market streams not millions but billions of dollars!

Affiliate Gambling Payouts

For those who want to make money on gambling affiliate marketing, there are three basic models to use:

  1. Revenue Share: The lifetime revenue or RevShare is the affiliate marketing model where you can earn a commission on the profits that the casino makes from the users you refer. Generally, commissions start from 5% and may rise to 25%. For instance, at Tony Bet, the referral commission is 5%, while the revenue share is 20% to 30%. However, you should be cautious that the casino shares not only the profits it makes but also the losses. Hence, if the player is lucky to win big bucks, that may cost you a pretty penny.
  2. CPL: Abbreviated from Cost Per Lead, the CPL affiliate format implies profiting every time a user completes the form on the affiliate site, submitting authentic contact information. Most often, the conversion from signup starts from 10%.
  3. CPA: CPA, or Cost Per Action, is the same as a share of payment from a deposit. Normally, the minimum deposit ranges from $1 to $5. Nevertheless, before paying $50 and more to an affiliate marketer, the advertiser makes sure the players pay actively and don’t just throw in a minimum deposit and then quit gambling. For example, 4raBet Casino offers $20 to $100 CPA in the scope of its affiliate program.

How to Maximize Profiting from Gambling Affiliates

Besides the above-mentioned affiliate modes, it’s also possible and recommendable to combine the principles of RevShare and CPA since this hybrid can significantly increase your profit. How? Let’s dig deeper. For every deposit a redirected player makes, you get, let’s suppose, around $20. Afterward, you get some percentage for every further payment made, and the more active players redirected, the higher your percentage becomes. This makes it possible to earn up to 40% of a player’s deposit.

It’s worth getting in touch with customer support to consider the rates and other conditions if you’re doing well with attracting new players.

The Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is the first step toward boosting your affiliate marketing. The best paying player is a middle-aged man (approximately 25 to 45) with an impulsive character, average wealth, and gambling habits. Normally, this can be a head of a department in a big company or a small business owner. Online gambling has become the best way to disperse the monotonous routine for these people.

When picking up the perfect candidates, pay close attention to their wealth. Oligarchs and wealthy people aren’t your targets since they will prefer to fly to Vegas on their private jet to enjoy the luxury of the best casino houses rather than sit in their offices, gambling online. Poor people, meanwhile, peck well on any suggested bonus to become fantastically rich, yet they aren’t into advertising; hence our CPA rate won’t be repulsed. So, it’s the middle class you should aim for.

Seek your ideal candidates for gambling affiliates in online casinos, sites devoted to sports and cars, etc. Perfect traffic in gambling definitely goes through adults.