Delivering a great customer experience is really hard. Now you’ve assembled the best team imaginable, full of folks that want to do their best for your customers. But how do you ensure that what’s happening on the front lines of your company is what you’d hope for? Well, customer experience and operations teams often include hundreds or even thousands of agents serving as the face of your company.

Now their increasingly complex workflows, are not fully understood by customer support leaders, or the enterprise itself. This results in an inability to adapt to changing needs, inefficient processes, frustrated agents, and ultimately a poor customer experience. The solution to this problem? FIN’s work insights platform. Now FIN applies big data analytics and insights to help companies better understand the agent journey. And by applying AB testing principles to operations, it reveals measurable ways to make life easier.

Customer support leaders use FIN to gain a comprehensive view of what agents do, capturing activity happening in the browser across apps to paint a complete and accurate picture of end-to-end workflows, which in turn, reveals opportunities to improve productivity and outcomes towards the objectives of the business. This empowers companies like Coinbase to scale operations to support four times growth in a single year while managing costs, preventing customer data loss, and improving the engagement and productivity of the team.

It makes life really difficult for operations teams in particular or any team where you have a large number of people trying to get work done to a consistent level. And you’re using this huge array of applications and new applications can be really hard to know exactly what’s going on and what is being used for what. So FIN is founded on the premise that we’re all using tons of SAS and by working inside of the web browser, it actually enables operations teams and operations teams leaders to see how all of those applications are being used together whether it’s an application that Fin has ever seen or not.

By shedding light on otherwise opaque activities, FIN empowers companies to optimize processes and technology, improve training, raise productivity and reduce BPO costs, effectively saving millions of dollars. FIN helps companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, and Open Table gain their competitive edge by highlighting ways to better empower their customer support teams. And they can help you do the same. Find out more by visiting today.