Cleaning the house is taxing, right? But I’d say the worst is when you’re forced to break out the mop and get to work on the floors. Mopping is such a nightmare because, well, the traditional mop design itself is flawed. Well, let me introduce you to the latest reddot award-winning innovation, the Venetio iMOP. Now the self cleaning, dry, wet, all in one iMOP is exactly what you’ve been missing every time that you battle with your dirty floors.

Firstly, this unique water filtration system means you only need about half a gallon of water to clean your floor which is better than 80% of the traditional mops out there. Simply push up and down on the handle a total of 12 times for wringing. Now the built in cleaning brush helps you remove hair and heavy dirt from the pad with ease and won’t get your hands dirty. Now, if you have cute pet, after you’re using the iMOP you won’t be annoyed about the task anymore. With the recyclable and environmental machine washable microfiber mop pad, the dirt will all be eaten up.

Now, secondly, it’s easy to use. The stainless steel telescopic handle effortlessly extends over 55 inches, allowing you to mop comfortably without bending over and reaching any hard to get areas of the house. Venetio even matched the triangular head to clean the corners. You can clean virtually any surface, including hardwood, laminate, tile, glass, vinyl and even bathroom walls.

Lastly, you can choose multiple optional sets and parts are sold separately for different needs. Now, the Venetio designed this mop system to hopefully bring a little joy to what’s typically a burdensome activity. So grab your mop today by heading on over to