Sunglasses are both stylish and necessary on a sunny day. But if you lead an active lifestyle, you may have noticed that your eyewear is prone to being smudged, dripped on or soiled in some other way that’s obscuring your vision and taking away from the aesthetic of your glasses. Well, here’s what you do.

You get yourself a pair of Sacuba sunglasses. Sacuba uses a brand new patented invention that allows their sunglasses to self clean. Here’s how it works. There are tiny microfiber pads hidden in the top of the frame just above your lenses. A quick flick of the wrist bringing the frame down and back up in a swiping motion cleans your glasses, and that’s it, it’s really that easy.

Instead of constantly taking off your sunglasses and fetching a cloth to clean them, you can do it in just a couple of seconds. You don’t even have to take them off your face to clean them. Now, they don’t just clean the front of your sunglass lens, they also take care of the back, leaving you with a clear view to keep doing what you’re doing. Wanna buy sunglasses?

Self-cleaning is the smart choice. Get your Sacuba sunglasses today by heading on over to