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Shoppers aren’t naive. With consumers spending more time online, they want to capitalise on the best deals, and retailers therefore need to go the extra mile to grab their attention.


Searching for good value deals is an art itself, and there are some that have more of a knack for knowing what they are looking for and saving themselves some money in the process.


Throughout the year, retailers will hold special nationwide events to encourage shoppers to spend. Black Friday, for example, is perhaps the most notorious, however, Prime Day has proved to be a roaring success.


Taking place over two days, Prime Day proved to be a discount extravaganza, with devices like the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick Lite heavily marked down, where consumers could save as much as 50% on the range.


Although there were whopping discounts on other high-ticket items, the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick Lite are among Prime’s flagship products, and so demand for them surged.


More generally speaking, there are a few good methods to utilize to ensure you snatch the best deal. One way is to search for promo codes online. Whether you are dining out or want to book a luxury spa stay, there are readily available codes, and the eagle-eyed among us will be able to pounce. You just need to make sure you read the terms and conditions fully, so you aren’t in for a rude awakening.


For those who like to do their food shopping online, many supermarkets will have loyalty cards whereby if you amass points, you can exchange these for mobile phone deals or even better still, get a discount on TV subscriptions, such as Netflix or Prime.


Or if you are feeling particularly bold, you may like to haggle with a customer representative via a retailer’s online chat. This can be particularly effective when there are items ready for clearance, but persistence can pay off.


Promotions are widely circulated nowadays online, and this extends across all industries, including gambling. The best betting promotions will come in all shapes and sizes, and at many of the top sportsbooks in the US, such as BetMGM, you can tap into risk-free bets or at other sites, you can claim matched deposit bonuses.


There are always good deals to be enjoyed if you know where to look, but you should never jump on the first thing you come across. Make sure you bide your time before swooping in.


The tips we have provided should inspire you. If you can put into practice some of the ideas we have shared in this guide, then you will feel more confident in unearthing the best deals in the future.